Aug 20, 2017Sun4:00 PM All Exhibits Released- Thank you for coming to the Fair 
Aug 20, 2017Sun1:00 PM Supreme Showman Contest Krech Arena
Aug 20, 2017Sun12:00 PM Chainsaw Masters Tournament Near Arts Tent
Aug 20, 2017Sun12:00 PM Bingo Bingo Tent
Aug 20, 2017Sun12:00 PM Disability Day- Lawn Darts By Historical Building
Aug 20, 2017Sun11:30 AM Dress your Animal Contest  Krech Arena
Aug 20, 2017Sun11:30 AM Disability Day
 Office Building
Aug 20, 2017Sun11:00 AM Livestock Exhibitor Meeting Show Pavilion
Aug 20, 2017Sun11:00 AM Euchre Tournament Entertainment Tent
Aug 20, 2017Sun11:00 AM Disability Day
*Main Dish
 Office Building
Aug 20, 2017Sun11:00 AM Field Class Tractor Pull
Aug 20, 2017Sun10:00 AM Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull By the Historical Society
Aug 20, 2017Sun10:00 AM Open Class Horse Show  Horse Arena
Aug 19, 2017Sat9:00 PM Red Dirt Road Entertainment Tent
Aug 19, 2017Sat8:00 PM DJ Dan (Teen dance) Arts Tent
Aug 19, 2017Sat6:00 PM Dewey Strub Modified Tractor Pull -
Aug 19, 2017Sat4:00 PM Apple Pie Dessert Contest Office Building
Aug 19, 2017Sat3:30 PM Magic of Isaiah Arts Tent
Aug 19, 2017Sat2:00 PM First Robotics (FRC)Demonstration Entertainment Tent
Aug 19, 2017Sat1:00 PM Family Day Cookie Decorating Office Building
Aug 19, 2017Sat1:00 PM Magic of Isaiah Arts Tent
Aug 19, 2017Sat12:00 PM Texas Hold ’Em Entertainment Tent
Aug 19, 2017Sat12:00 PM Bingo Bingo Tent
Aug 19, 2017Sat11:00 AM Lego Contest-Youth and Adult Arts Tent
Aug 19, 2017Sat11:00 AM Horse Pull Horse Arena
Aug 19, 2017Sat10:00 AM Diaper Derby Entertainment Tent
Aug 19, 2017Sat10:00 AM Magic of Isaiah Arts Tent
Aug 19, 2017Sat9:00 AM Market Livestock Auction Show Pavilion
Aug 19, 2017Sat9:00 AM Open Class Dairy Show Krech Arena
Aug 18, 2017Fri9:00 PM Six to Midnight Entertainment Tent
Aug 18, 2017Fri8:00 PM DJ Dan (Teen Dance) Arts Tent
Aug 18, 2017Fri7:00 PM Demo Derby Grandstand
Aug 18, 2017Fri6:00 PM 4-H Rabbit Show followed by Open Class Poultry Building
Aug 18, 2017Fri6:00 PM 4-H Horse Show – Game Classes Horse Arena
Aug 18, 2017Fri6:00 PM Soup Contest- Cream Soup/ Broth Soup Office Building
Aug 18, 2017Fri3:30 PM Magic of Isaiah Arts Tent
Aug 18, 2017Fri2:00 PM 4-H Sheep Show & Lamb Lead followed by Open Class Krech Arena
Aug 18, 2017Fri1:45 PM Kid’s Day Grand Prize Drawing Entertainment Tent
Aug 18, 2017Fri12:00 PM Bingo Tent 
Aug 18, 2017Fri12:00 PM Magic of Isaiah Arts Tent
Aug 18, 2017Fri11:30 AM Ag Olympics Pavillion
Aug 18, 2017Fri10:00 AM Kid’s Day Program
* 4-H/ ECFE/ Semcac Head Start Game Stations
 Entertainment Tent
Aug 18, 2017Fri9:30 AM Magic of Isaish Arts Tent
Aug 18, 2017Fri9:00 AM 4-H Dairy Show Krech Arena
Aug 17, 2017Thu8:30 PM Trouble Shooter Entertainment Tent
Aug 17, 2017Thu7:00 PM MNXtreme Bull Riding Grandstands
Aug 17, 2017Thu7:00 PM Houston County FFA Judging

  • Dairy Judging - Krech Arena

Aug 17, 2017Thu4:00 PM Chicken Hot Dish Contest Office Building
Aug 17, 2017Thu3:00 PM 4-H Beef Show followed by Open Class Krech Arena
Aug 17, 2017Thu2:30 PM Magic of Isaiah Arts Tent
Aug 17, 2017Thu2:00 PM ADA Dairy Bar Bake Off ADA Building
Aug 17, 2017Thu12:00 PM 4-H Horse Show Pleasure-Halter-Trail Horse Arena
Aug 17, 2017Thu12:00 PM All Livestock in Place 
Aug 17, 2017Thu12:00 PM Bingo Tent 
Aug 17, 2017Thu11:00 AM Senior Citizen’s Day Program -
• Outstanding Senior Citizen, Friend of the Fair and Century Farm Presentations
• The Senior Citizen’s Euchre
 Entertainment Tent
Aug 17, 2017Thu11:00 AM GrassRun Band Entertainment Tent
Aug 17, 2017Thu10:00 AM Magic of Isaiah Arts Tent
Aug 17, 2017Thu9:00 AM 4-H Swine Show Show Pavilion
Aug 17, 2017Thu9:00 AM Horseless Horse Judging Horse Arena
Aug 16, 2017Wed7:00 PM Queen Coronation Entertainment Tent
Aug 16, 2017Wed7:00 PM Skid Steer Rodeo  Grandstands
Aug 16, 2017Wed6:00 PM Talent Contest
 Entertainment Tent
Aug 16, 2017Wed6:00 PM 4-H Weigh Beef Steers Krech Arena
Aug 16, 2017Wed5:00 PM Carrot Cake Contest Office Building
Aug 16, 2017Wed3:00 PM 4-H Dairy & Market Goat Show followed by Open Class Krech Arena
Aug 16, 2017Wed1:30 PM 4-H weigh Market Barrows & Gilts Pavillion
Aug 16, 2017Wed10:00 AM 4-H Poultry Judging Followed by Open Class Poultry Building
Aug 16, 2017Wed9:00 AM 4-H Booth, Banner and Community Pride Judging 4-H Building
Aug 16, 2017Wed9:00 AM 4-H Weigh Market Lambs & Meat Goats Horse Barn
Aug 15, 2017Tue6:00 PM 4-H Planter Contest Fair grounds
Aug 15, 2017Tue4:00 PM 4-H Demonstration Judging Arts Tent
Aug 15, 2017Tue1:30 PM 4-H General Exhibit Judging